Delta Railroad Services(DRS) was founded in 1957 by Cosmo Anthony Laurello (1908-1979). We started as a small railroad construction business and have expanded to be one of the top tier railroad construction companies in North America. As a family- owned and operated business with over 100 employees, DRS takes pride in providing quality service with personal integrity using the right people and the right equipment.  Our customers can rely on us to complete each job on time and within budget.  We strive for defect-free workmanship, and we focus on minimizing interruptions by emphasizing planning, staging, and coordination of resources.  The Delta team becomes part of your team.



With Delta Railroad Services, you benefit from a highly trained, experienced team that is focused on safety as well as quality.  Our employees receive ongoing educational programs, including regular safety instruction and periodic equipment training.  Our employees have many years of on-the-job experience.  Of our 10 field supervisors, seven have 10 to 20 or more years of experience with the company.  To attract and retain excellent employees, we offer competitive wages and benefits.



Delta Railroad Construction maintains state-of-the-art railroad construction equipment.  And we keep it in top-notch condition, thanks to our team at Quality Track Equipment.  From production tampers to portable flash-butt welding systems, we have the equipment to do any job accurately and efficiently.  After every job is completed, our equipment returns to our maintenance facility for a complete inspection and repair to be ready for the next assignment.  We transport our equipment with our own specially designed heavy-duty transport trailer.