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Flash- Butt Welding

Flash- Butt Welding Services

The Flash Butt Welding process was developed decades ago and has become the premier process for joining rail around the world.

Flash Butt Welds are faster, cleaner, harder, and last longer than thermite welds.

Delta Railroad Construction (in conjunction with Quality Track Equipment) started our welding program in 2001 in order to provide the best service to our customers.  Currently, Delta Railroad Construction operates 3 Mobile welding units and has a total of 5 welding heads.  Two of these welding heads are capable of welding crane and girder rail.


  • New Construction Welds
  • Crane Rail Welds
  • In- Track Joint Elimination
  • Girder Rail Welds
  • Insulated Joint Installation


  • US Crane Rail 85# to 175#
  • European AS86 and AS87
  • 150# Contact Rail
  • T Rail Sections 100# to 141#
  • 150′ of Umbilicals to the Welding Head