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Delta Railroad Construction, Inc.

has been continuously engaged in railroad construction and maintenance for the last 57 years.  Delta is a specialized company in construction and installation of ballasted track, direct fixation track, and embedded track.

Delta Railroad has completed the following transit projects:

Transit Projects Completed in the Last Ten Years

Contract Value

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Phase 1 $79,004,900.00
Merrick & Bellmore LIRR Direct Fixation Project $11,793,703.00
Charlotte Light Rail Project $19,200,000.00
Amityville, Copague, & Lindenhurst LIRR Direct Fixation Project $40,100,000.00
Memphis Light Rail Project $4,500,000.00
Central Arkansas Transit Project $6,000,000.00
Houston Light Rail Projects $10,000,000.00
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey $4,000,000.00
Cleveland GCRTA $10,000,000.00