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Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority New York Avenue Station Project

WMATA New York Avenue Station Project

Client/Owner: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Location: Washington, DC

Project Completion Date: August 2004

Project Duration: Fifteen Months


Delta Railroad Construction performed all the trackwork for the New York Avenue station project. This project was the first opportunity for a contractor to perform work on WMATA’s mainline track. The project was located on the Red line just north of Union Station. One of the major challenges of this project was the realignment of the North and South bound tracks. The track alignment was shifted as much as 2 feet over a half mile distance and raised as much as 1.5 feet to achieve the proper alignment for the #10 ballasted double crossover installation. The other challenge was the installation of a #10 ballasted double crossover on a Memorial Day weekend outage. Delta constructed the #10 crossover on the ground at K Street and then installed it with a 300 ton hydraulic crane completing the installation in the 48 hour timeline. The experience we gained from this project gives us unique knowledge of the K Line cut- in work.

Special Track Work
#10 Ballasted Double Crossover 1 EA
Main Line Track Construction Item
Main Line Track Realignment & Surface 4,000 TF
Main Line Cut & Throw 1,500 TF
Contact Rail Installation 5,500 TF
Main Line Ballasted Track Construction 2,700 TF
Direct Fixation Track Construction 1,100 TF