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Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Project Silver Line Phase 1

Dulles Corridor Metro Rail Project Silver Line Phase 1

Client/Owner: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Location: Tysons Corner, VA

Project Completion Date: Anticipated March 2014

Project Duration: Four Years


This project was a design-build contract with Dulles Transit Partners.  It was 11.6 miles of double track construction extension of the existing WMATA tracks towards the Dulles International Airport.  It consisted of 7.9 miles of ballasted mainline trackwork, 3 miles of direct fixation aerial trackwork, 3/4 mile of direct fixation tunnel trackwork, and special trackwork as well.  This work also included the installation of continuous welded rail and the flash butt welding of the continuous welded rail.

Track Work Item
Ballasted Mainline Track 83,500 LF
Ballasted Yard Track 4,200 LF
Direct Fixation Track (Aerial) 31,570 LF
Direct Fixation Track (Tunnel) 7,260 LF
Emergency Guard Rail Ballasted 4,430 LF
Emergency Guard Rail Direct Fixation 44,971 LF
Ballasted Cable Trough 85,000 LF
Direct Fixation Cable Trough 33,804 LF
Contact Rail Ballasted 81,230 LF
Contact Rail Yard 4,270 LF
Contact Rail Direct Fixation 38,400 LF
Special Track Work  Item
Double Crossovers 4 EA
Single Crossovers 7 EA
Turnouts 17 EA