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Long Island Railroad Direct Fixation Fastener Replacement Program at Amityville, Copaigue, and Lindenhurst

Direct Fixation Fastener Replacement Program at Amityville Copaigue, and Lindenhurst

Client/Owner:  Long Island Railroad

Location:  Amityville, Copaigue, and Lindenhurst, New York

Project Completion Date:  December 2010

Project Duration:  Two Years


This was a Direct Fixation Project to replace the existing fasteners to a new fastener system.  Delta Railroad came up with an innovative technique to design and manufacture our own temporary plate system for the job.  This ensured there would be minimal risk while we worked to put the track back together for revenue service.  It also ensured a much higher production rate which allowed us to finish the job a year ahead of schedule.

Delta used this innovative technique along with the right people and the highest quality equipment to finish this project in a timely fashion.